Remitano Payment Gateway FAQs for Customers
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What is Remitano Payment Gateway?

Remitano Payment Gateway allows you to pay online merchants for goods and services with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, usdt etc without first converting to fiat currency.

How does it work?

When you want to pay an online merchant for goods or services, you will choose payment button on their site or click on the merchant's payment link. You would be redirected and required to complete the payment either by buying the cryptocurrency on Remitano and sending to the merchant's wallet, or sending from your coin balance on Remitano to the merchant's wallet or you can deposit to the merchant’s wallet from your external wallet.

Where does the cryptocurrency I’m sending go?

The cryptocurrency you send for payment goes directly into the merchant's wallet.

Please note that only the merchant has access to this wallet. As the system is purely P2P, from customer to merchant.

How do I go about getting a refund?

If you require a refund, kindly contact the online merchant directly.

Can Remitano help me with a refund?

Unfortunately, Remitano can not help you get a refund as all payments are peer to peer and only the online merchant has access to her wallet.

I haven’t received the item I purchased. What can I do?

Kindly reach out to the online merchant to inquire about the status of your order

How can I track my order or get a receipt?

Remitano generates a unique reference number for every payment that is made. You can check at Paymants and Invoices on Dashboard, at Payments tab choose completed, then click view detail to get receipt.

What happens if I pay with a different currency than the one I select during checkout?

If you send coins into the wrong wallet address (for example you send BCH into BTC wallet address), the merchant will not receive the payment in his/her wallet. You must make sure you send the right coins into the right wallet address for your payment to be successful.

What happens if the timer counts down before I pay?

You have to make the payment before the timer counts down to zero. The transaction would be automatically cancelled if the timer counts down to zero.

Can I still make payment after the timer has countdown to zero?

You have to request for a fresh payment if you still wish to purchase the order after the timer has countdown to zero.

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