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How to read Remitano interface
How to read Remitano interface

Instruct you how to understand our platform's display

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(1) How much coins you have ( e.g.: BTC) : change accordingly to (9)
(2) Or fiat wallet: how much money you have in your nation currency. (e.g.: Naira)
(3) Peer to peer exchange: to see advertisements from other to sell/ buy coins.
(4) To invest your coins for profits: search for "How to invest" article.
(5) Forum: To update crypto news and quiz for awards from Remitano.
(6) Dashboard: To track your activities and wallets here.
(7) Your Account: To set up or verify your account.
(8) Temporary announcements from Remitano.
(9) Coin types
(10) Where to choose your coin types.
(11) Announcement messages from Remitano activities.
(12) Chat box: Chat live with Remitano support team 24/7
(13) Buy now: Best price to buy coins (BTC) immediately.
(14) Sell now: Best price to sell coins (BTC) immediately.

(10) when you click to number (10) you can see this table for choosing coin types and knowing the coin prices. 

(15) Referral link: search for "Referral/ Commission policy" article.
(16) List of "advertisements" from users for you to "BUY" their coins.
(17) An advertisement: price over 1 BTC and the amount you can buy.
(18) Trust score: rate from other users.

(21) Click to the price to change the exchange rate.

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