On 17th Jan 2020, Remitano official launches Remitano Wholesale channel for all the transactions from 1.5 BTC and above. This is a new trading market that operates independently from the current P2P market on Remitano.com, support all the same cryptocurrencies as BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT, XRP, and LTC pairs with your fiat-currency

Remitano Wholesale official website: http://wholesale.remitano.com.

To start trading in Remitano Wholesale, all you need to do is to access the Wholesale website, then log in using your email address or Facebook account. All Buy/Sell function operates the same way as the Remitano P2P platform.

Wholesale transaction fees:

  • Maker: 0%

  • Taker: 0.1% (applied in the first period)


  • If you are a maker, your advertisement has to be more than 1.5 BTC

  • If you are a taker, your order value has to be more than 1.5 BT

  • The trading amount in the Wholesale channel will NOT be included in the “Referral” program of Remitano.

  • You can access Wholesale through the website http://wholesale.remitano.com. The official app for Remitano Wholesale is not currently available.

  • With 1/10th the usual trading fees, Remitano Wholesale is undoubtedly the best choice for large volume crypto wholesalers in the market.

Click HERE to see more detail.

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