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How to sell coins (BTC/ETH/USDT/BCH/LTC/XRP/BNB) via bank transfer on Remitano?
How to sell coins (BTC/ETH/USDT/BCH/LTC/XRP/BNB) via bank transfer on Remitano?
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Please follow these steps to sell coins (BTC/ETH/USDT/BCH/LTC/XRP/BNB) via bank transfer on Remitano.

On the Web Browser

Step 1. Go to Buy Sell crypto NGNR

Or kindly choose to do step-by-step as below

Step 2. Choose to SELL

Step 3. Select the coin you want to sell

On the App Version

Step 1. From Homepage -> Please choose this icon as below and choose “Sell"

Step 2. Choose to SELL -> Select the coin you want to Sell

Step 3. Select Payment method (3) by choosing Bank transfer

We can follow same process from step 4 for both Web browser and App version

Step 4. Click on “All payment methods” and choose “Bank transfer” -> List of supported banks will be shown

NOTE : We just updated the NEW function that allows user can click on the Filter button to choose to trade with

  • Markers you have traded with

  • Makers who have KYC at least level 3

Step 5. Select fiat currency and Enter NGN amount you want to spend

You can also Switch to Coin amount and enter coin amount you want to sell

Step 6. Choose an advertisement from the list and click “SELL BTC"

Step 7. Check the rate of offer, NGN amount you will receive and the amount of BTC you want to sell very carefully. After reviewing all informations, if agree with it, choose “SELL NOW".

Note: if you don't have enough coin, you can not press “Sell" button

Step 8. Please input payment details to receive payment from the buyer

  • You do not need to fill Bank name because it will be shown by the system that must be same bank with buyer's bank account in his advertisement

  • Please fill Bank account number and Bank account name

  • After checking Payment details carefully -> Please click Continue

Step 9. If you are enabling Authenticator/Authy, the system will ask you the code to confirm your action

Step 10. The system will show all information again for this trade, kindly review it again carefully

Step 11. Wait for the buyer to transfer money into your account. ONLY AFTER YOU RECEIVED MONEY, click on "payment received" to release Bitcoin for the buyer.

Note: DO NOT CONFIRM PAYMENT UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THAT YOU RECEIVED MONEY. Because the trade cannot be reverted after completion.

Thank you!

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