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How to buy and Sell Bitcoin with Perfect Money on Remitano
How to buy and Sell Bitcoin with Perfect Money on Remitano

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Perfect Money is a universal system that was created for online payments. With Perfect Money, you can store your assets in cryptocurrency or buy Bitcoin, gold, USD and EUR currencies online.

Below are the instructions to buy and Sell Bitcoin with Perfect Money on Remitano.

Step 1: Go to wallet and navigate to Perfect Money (PM)

  • On the website version: From home page, please click on Wallet > Assets.

  • On the app version: At the bottom of the page, please click on WALLET

Then scroll down the coin till you get to Perfect Money (PM).

Step 2: Click on Deposit

This takes you to the page where your address will be generated.

Click on Generate address

This takes you to a Deposit PM page where your account number and description are generated.

Please ensure you note the correct account number and description above before you move to the next step.

Step 3: Log into your Perfect Money account/Perfect Money app.

Step 4: Click on Send money on your Perfect Money account

On the Send money page of your Perfect Money account, select the account you will like to send money from. This in most cases will be your USD account on your Perfect Money Account.

Step 5: Click on Single payment

A Send money page automatically comes up.

Step 6: Enter transaction details

On the Send money page, fill in the details such as amount you are sending, the account number you copied from Remitano, and the description.

Once filled, click on Payment preview, and this will take you to a page confirming your transaction.

Once the transaction is completed, you can now trade the Perfect Money for other assets on your Remitano account.

NOTE: You need to deposit more than the minimum deposit amount below and enter the correct memo to get credited from the system.

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