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Remitano Wallet and What can you do with it?
Remitano Wallet and What can you do with it?

Remitano Wallet, VNĐ Wallet, Remitano VNĐ Wallet

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Remitano wallet includes 2 types of wallets: "Crypto Wallet" and "VND Wallet", attached to your account on Remitano.

Specifically, when creating an account on Remitano and logging into your account. At the "Dashboard", select "Wallet" (see image below). Here, you are not only have Bitcoin wallets, but you also have USDT, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple wallets. With Remitano Wallet, you can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies anytime.

Fiat wallet at Remitano is used to stored your local currencies in the website, it will help to boost your trading experience. The trade will be automatically completely/instant trade when you have sufficient local currencies in the website and you also don't need to wait for seller to check his bank statement. At this moment, we are supporting Fiat Wallet for Nigeria market (NGN wallet), Kenya market (KES wallet) and Malaysian wallet ( MYR wallet)

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