How do I pay with Remitano Payment Gateway?
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The Remitano Payment Gateway is a simple tool that allows users to quickly pay for goods and services using cryptocurrencies. Remitano currently supports payments in 6 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Where can I pay?

There are two ways to pay via Remitano Payment Gateway

  1. Product payment link/ Invoice

    Once you get link from Merchants or friends you will be able to review the payment details and click confirm to process payment.

    Note: If you don't know the Merchant, please ignore the payment link and report to our customer service.

  2. Merchant website

    You just go shopping as usually, at check-out steps choose Pay with Remitano.

After that, the system will direct you to login/register Remitano account to pay.

How to pay?

You are flexible to choose one of the three available options:

- Use Remitano coin wallet

- Buy cryptocurrency

- Deposit coin into the wallet

Option 1: Use Remitano coin wallet

  1. Choose Remitano coin wallet and your preferred coin to pay.

2. Confirm the payment by clicking "Yes" button

Option 2: Buy cryptocurrency

  1. Choose Buy USDT

2. The system will show the top available selling USDT ads. Click Buy now at the ads of your choice.

3. Confirm the payment

4. If you choose the payment method via Remitano fiat wallet. The transaction is completed immediately. For other methods, you just follow trading steps like normal P2P transaction on Remitano.

Option 3: Deposit coins

  1. Choose Deposit coin. If you don't choose USDT, the system will automatically calculated the amount of your preferred coin to deposit.

2. After you make a deposit to the provided address, click on "I have deposited" to confirm. The system will do the rest.

Where can I view all of my payment transaction?

You’ll receive a notification when a payment is completed. Your transaction history will be stored here.

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