(1): How much coins you have ( e.g.: BTC) : change accordingly to (9)
(2): Or fiat wallet: how much money you have in your nation currency. (e.g.: Naira)
(3): Peer to peer exchange: to see advertisements from other to sell/ buy coins.
(4): To invest your coins for profits: search for "How to invest" article.
(5): To update crypto news and quiz for awards from Remitano.
(6): To track your activities and wallets here.
(7): To set up or verify your account.
(8): Temporary announcements from Remitano.
(9): Coin types
(10): Where to choose your coin types.
(11): Announcements from Remitano activities.
(12): Chat with Remitano support team.
(13): Best price to buy coins (BTC) immediately.
(14): Best price to sell coins (BTC) immediately.

(10) when you click to number (10) you can see this table for choosing coin types and knowing the coin prices. 

(15): Referral link: search for "Referral/ Commission policy" article.
(16): List of "advertisements" from users for you to "BUY" their coins.
(17): An advertisement: price over 1 BTC and the amount you can buy.
(18): trust score: rate from other users.

(21): click to the price to change the exchange rate.

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