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Trading/ deposit/ withdraw fees on Remitano
Trading/ deposit/ withdraw fees on Remitano

Trading fees/ deposit fees/ withdraw fees on Remitano

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Trading fee

The price which is displayed in the advertisement already includes trading fee and will be the final price that you need to pay (there are no additional fees).

Trading fee is calculated as 1% of the price set on the advertisement. The price displayed to advertisement's viewers already includes fees.

Please refer to the example below for more details

Sell Offer:

If you make an advertisement or offer to sell 1 BTC at 7000 USD/BTC

your actual receiving price is 7000 USD, and the displayed price in the ads is

7000 + 1% * 7000 = 7070 USD.

When buyers take your offer, they will pay the displayed price, which is 7070 USD. You will receive that 7070 USD in exchange for (1 BTC + 1% * 1 BTC) = 1.01 BTC

In which 1 BTC will go to the buyer, and 0.01 BTC is the trading fee.

Buy Offer:

If you make an advertisement or offer to buy 1 BTC at 7000 USD/BTC, then your actual paying price is 7000 USD/BTC, and the displayed price in the ads is

(7000 - 1% * 7000) = 6930 USD.

When someone sells bitcoin to you, you will pay (7000 - 1% * 7000) = 6930 USD,

and receive (1 BTC - 1% * 1) = 0.99 BTC.

Therefore you pay exactly 7000 USD/BTC and do not pay any other fees.

Trading fee, in this case, is 1% of the total BTC amount.

Swap fees:

The exchange fee is 0.25%, which will be deducted from the estimated value when you open a SWAP order.

Invest fees:

The fee for investment is 1% / total of USDT you actually receive, and it is only charged when you have profit. The amount of USDT after the fee is not going to be lower than the investment amount.

Hourly borrow interest rate: 0.0010274%/hour

Fee for each type of activities you can see more at:

Fees may vary based on the fees of the Blockchain network.

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