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I lost my two factor authentication (Authy security), what should I do?
I lost my two factor authentication (Authy security), what should I do?

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Note: Please kindly complete KYC verification before starting the process to disable Authenticator/Authy

  • On the Web browser version

Step 1: Log in your Remitano account

Step 2. From the Home page, Please click on Profile icon (1) -> then choose Setting (2)

Step 3. At 2FA Authenticator -> Please kindly choose Manage button

  • On the App version

Step 1. From the home page, please kindly choose this Profile Icon

Step 2. Please choose Setting -> Then choose 2FA Authenticator

* Then we can follow the same process as below for both App version and Web browser

Step 4. Please click on Disable button

*At this step, you will have 2 options, you can choose the most appropriate option

Step 5.1. If you can still access to your old authy app, you can disable by yourself by inputting the 6 digit-code generated by the Authenticator app -> then click on Disable button

Step 5.2. If you lost access to your Authy app, please click on “I lost Authenticator" button -> then follow the next instruction

For security reasons for your account, you need to confirm your request to disable Authenticator Authentication by:

•Capture a selfie of you holding your identity card and a sheet of paper with handwriting. On the paper, write a text: “Confirm disable Authenticator at YYYY/MM/DD”

(The system will automatically update the time to the current one)

The picture needs to satisfy the following conditions:

• Has not been modified

• Is not blurred

• Can see your arm holding the paper clearly

• Use handwriting

Thank you!

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