Instruction to cancel two factor authentication:

Two factor authentication (Authy security) help you to prevent hacker by having another security layer. For any action towards your fund, you have to verify another time with your Authy code (if you do not know about or how to activate Authy code, please follow this instruction). Thereby, Remitano always recommends users to activate Authy security if possible. 

However, if you lost your Two factor authentication, please disable it by taking these steps:
Notice: To disable your Authy, you have to verify your account.
Step 1: Login your Remitano account, click at your username and choose "Setting"
Step 2:
Choose "Authy Authentication" ->  "Lost your Authy?"

Step 3: Confirm to disable Authy Authentication by photograph. To ensure that this is your requirement, you have to: take a photograph yourself holding a piece of paper with handwriting "Confirm to disable two factor authentication on day-month-year (at the time you upload the pic)"

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