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Install Two factor authentication by using Google Authenticator
Install Two factor authentication by using Google Authenticator

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Besides using, you could use Google Authenticator - a handy app to install two factor authentication. First, you need to download and install Google Authenticator on your phone or other devices. 

After installing Google Authenticator for your device, please apply it to Remintano by these following steps: 

Step 1:

Click on your username and Choose "Setting" 


Step 2:

At Authy Authentication you click Enable 


Step 3:

Use Google Authenticator to "Scan QR Code" or "Enter Manually - Authentication key"

Firstly, open app Google Authenticator, choose the "+" feature

Next, choose “Scan barcode” or "Manual entry"

If you choose "Scan barcode" ,your camera will be automatically open to scan the barcode. Navigate the square border to the QR code so your device could read it:

If you choose "Manual entry", fill in your information and the Authentication key (which appeared at our website)

After successful installation, 6-number code shall appear at Google Authenticator app, fill the code in "Authy Authentication code" at our website.

For more how-to videos of Remitano's features please check out our YouTube playlist

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