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What is two factor authentication/ Authy?How to enable Authenticator on Remitano?
What is two factor authentication/ Authy?How to enable Authenticator on Remitano?

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What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication is a very secure way to protect your online accounts. It works by requiring you to identify yourself using two different things when you log-in to a site. The second factor is tied to something ‘you have’ (like a cellphone). So you can think of two-factor as something you know (your password) + something you have (your cellphone).

Regularly you use a username and a password to log-in. With Two-Factor Authentication you would use a username, a password and a token. The token is a unique number that your cellphone generates and is constanty changing. Because only your cellphone can generate that number and only you own the cellphone, even if someone was able to guess or steal your password if you enable two-factor authentication they wouldn’t be able to hack your account without stealing your cellphone too.

What is Authy?

Authy makes it really easy to use Two-Factor Authentication on your online accounts using your smartphone. We provide you an App that makes it easy for you to keep all your tokens and “just” works for a strong authentication. Our goal is to make it easy and straightforward for anyone to use Two-Factor authentication on all of your accounts.

How to enable Authenticator on Remitano?

  • On the Web browser version

Step 1: Log in your Remitano account

Step 2 Please click on Profile icon (1) -> then choose Setting (2)

Step 3. At 2FA Authenticator -> Please kindly choose Manage button

  • On the App version

Step 1. From the home page, please kindly choose this Profile Icon

Step 2. Please choose Setting -> Then choose 2FA Authenticator

* Then we can follow the same process as below for both App version and Web browser

Step 3. Please kindly copy the 16-digit key. Or you can scan the QR code -> Then Open Authy/Google Authenticator and add a new authenticator using the 16-digit key that you just copied.

On Authy app, you can choose Scan a QR code OR Enter a setup Key -> Then please kindly input Account name and 16-digit key to Your key section -> Click on Add button

Step 4. After that, Authy code will be shown in your Authenticator app -> Please copy generated 6-digit codes from authy app and come back to Remitano app to paste it → Finally, please click on Submit button to complete this process

Thank you!

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