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What can I do when depositing wrong XRP's Destination tag?
What can I do when depositing wrong XRP's Destination tag?

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When you deposit a wrong XRP's destination tag, please use your source wallet depositing at least 10 XRP into your wallet address on Remitano at exact destination tag to confirm the source wallet. 

After you do that, please inform to the supporters on Remitano. We will check and support you to credit the XRP with wrong destination tag.

In case you are unable to deposit more XRP, please follow these steps: 

[1] Screenshot your XRP transferring history at your source wallet

[2] Do hippo's video:

  • Log into and do these: click "Record" > hold your ID and say "Date and time at that moment. My name is (registered account holder name at I confirm to transfer (amount of XRP) into I commit to take all responsibility if there are any legal issues with this amount of XRP." > click "Finish record" > Copy the link on the side underneath.

  • Submit the link you received for Remitano support to be checked and processed.

[3] If there is not disputes within 7 days, that amount of XRP will be credited into your Remitano's wallet. 
We will charge 5 XRP for recover XRP wrong tag.

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