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I deposited the coin in the wrong address
I deposited the coin in the wrong address

wrong address,without destination tag,wrong wallet

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When I deposited XRP into Remitano, I forgot to enter the Destination Tag

XRP's Destination Tag is the basis for Remitano to determine which the owner of that deposit, so in case you forget to enter the destination tag, you need to contact our support and provide transaction hash of your transaction, the source/exchange you have withdrawn for us to verify that you are indeed the owner of the deposit. You should also not give that transaction hash to anyone other than the official support on remitano's website in order to avoid an imposter claiming that the deposit was theirs. In addition to ensure that you are the real owner of the above deposit order, the technical department may ask you to withdraw a certain amount into your correct wallet on Remitano (with destination tag attached), then the support can confirm source address, so we will record the amount of XRP you have deposited without destination tag. Note that we only support for wrong tag XRP transaction within 30 days (from the created date of XRP transaction in XRP explorer).

To avoid the above problems, you need to carefully check the deposit instructions for each coin.
Remitano will charge 5 XRP for each deposited wrong tag

I have mistakenly deposited an ERC-20 Token that Remitano doesn't yet support

We cannot guarantee the completion time of this, however Remitano will do our best to recover the coin you mistakenly deposited into your desired wallet. And the processing fee for this recover is 0.05 ETH (you need to prepare the above fund in your Wallet). Currently Remitano only supports deposit and withdrawal for 2 coins on the ERC-20 platform, which are ETH and USDT ERCT20. So you need to be careful to avoid this situation.

I deposited the coin in the wrong address

Remitano has many types of coins, and some coins have similar address structures. Although Remitano has been doing its best to automatically record recoverable cases (Remitano will automatically credit your respective wallet according to the coin you deposit) for example:

- Send BTC to the BCH wallet

- Send ETH to USDT ERC20 and vice versa

However, there are cases where Remitano cannot be recovered, for example:

- Deposit BCH into the Segwit BTC address (in this case you absolutely do not provide it to anyone else because this transaction can be spent by any miner - Remitano will attempt to contact the trusted miner to recover for you however this is uncertain and they may charge a fee for this, if successful, is completely out of Remitano's control.

In other cases you need to provide us your transaction hash, the address you deposited, the type of coins you deposited and the source you withdrawn, Remitano will evaluate the recovery and respond.

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