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The Ultimate Guide to the New P2P
The Ultimate Guide to the New P2P

Updated version on 12/12/2023

Written by Marketers Remitano
Updated over a week ago

Get ready for an upgraded P2P exchange experience with the launch of Version 12/12/2023! Packed with the exciting features coming to our new P2P platform:

  1. Enhanced convenience filter

  2. Optimized offer list

  3. Improved P2P navigation

The new P2P revolution where you can trade in your way and customize your P2P experience!

How to use the new P2P

Option 1: Watch Tutorial Video

Option 2: Follow step by step

Step 2: Experience the interface and new features of P2P below

Highlight the special features in the new P2P for you to use effectively

1. The new P2P takes this a step further with additional filter settings:

Payment Method Filter:

Our payment method filter allows users to filter by specific bank names or digital wallet names. This will help you find offers that suit your preferred payment methods.

Fiat Filter:

  • This allows users to trade in different currencies without changing the market setting. This provides flexibility and convenience for those dealing with multiple fiat currencies.

  • Switch between Fiat amount and Crypto amount with the button below input area.

Special Filters:

For added security and convenience, we have introduced two special filters

  • Filter-only offers with makers who have verified bank accounts with Remitano (from KYC Level 3) - more secure trades, more reputable makers.

  • Filter makers you have traded with - To quickly filter favorite makers that user have completed traded with in the past

2. Enhanced Offer List for Easy Decision-Making

The list provides more information for each offer, allowing you to read and compare offers more easily. You may see the seller's name, rating percentage, and completion time, as well as payment options, price, total amount per offer, and min-max amount per deal.

Furthermore, by clicking on the price in the offer list, you can swap between fiat-crypto and crypto-fiat rates.

3. P2P Navigation Made Simple

In new version, the P2P navigation has been optimized for easy access and management of key features.

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you need further clarification or have additional questions, feel free to get in touch with our customer service. Happy trading!

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