If your referrer trades enough 2 BTC you will receive 0.01 BTC directly to your account at Remitano. 

Note: If the buyer and the seller both have a referral, the commission amount will be divided in effective trades. It means that if person A is introduced by you and person B is introduced by another person. A and B trade with 2 BTC each, the system only counts each person A and B can trade 1 BTC so A needs to trade 1 more BTC to meet the required number of 2 BTC.

Clone accounts will be excluded from this program. Other information about the referral program you can see here: https://remitano.com/referral_program

All coin currencies are included in this program.
When your downline trades:
    + The first 2 BTC, you receive 0.01 BTC
    + The first 20 ETH, you get 0.1 ETH
    + The first 1000 USDT, you receive 5 USDT
    + The first 2 BCH, you will receive 0.01 BCH
And this regular commission is only rewarded only once for each coin per user.

Some other policies on Referral policy:

  1. In a trade, if both buyer and seller were referred, the trading volume being used to calculate commission will be divided in half for both sides.
  2. Accounts that are identified by our system as clones of other accounts won’t be used to calculate commission
  3. The determination of who is the referrer of a user depends on referral links. If a visitor clicked on multiple different referral links, only the last referral link is effective.
  4. Remitano retains the last decision in taking away or giving commission on a particular case.
  5. Remitano reserves the right to alter the referral program at any time.

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