Note: You can switch to ETH/USDT/BCH market by selecting on the top header bar

For deposit BTC/ETH...:

- From menu toolbar -> BTC/ETH WALLET -> Deposit

- Send BTC/ETH... to provided address. 

For withdraw BTC/ETH: 

- From menu toolbar -> BTC/ETH WALLET -> Withdraw

- Input Bitcoin address and amount Bitcoin's you want to withdraw

- It may take few minutes for signing BTC transaction

Please note that your Remitano Wallet cannot be used in a few specific situations. For example, you cannot use it with sites like satoshidice or ICO websites that returns Bitcoins to the sending address. Also newly generated Bitcoins from mining cannot be sent to your Remitano Wallet.

The number of confirmations required for credited to your balance in Remitano:

BTC: 1 confirmation
ETH: 6 confirmations
BCH: 1 confirmation
USDT: 1 confirmation

It's hard to say exact time for one confirmation because it depends on your network fee in transaction, and the number of transactions in the network.

The fee for deposit and withdrawal as following: 

BTC: 0.0002 BTC
BCH: 0.0001 BCH
ETH: 0.005 ETH

Note: Any amount deposited below the deposit fee will not be credited to your account.

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