How to deposit and withdraw BTC/ETH/...?

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How to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin/Ethereum/Tether USD/Bitcoin Cash/Litecoin/Ripple at Remitano



  • Choose the coin you want to withdraw and click WITHDRAW

  • Enter your coin address and the amount of coin you want to withdraw

  • Authy confirmation (if you have done 2 safty steps)

Note: If you turn on "Trust device", the next time you do this activity on the device, we wont ask for Authy confirmation anymore.


  • Choose the coin you want to deposit and click DEPOSIT

  • Move your coins to the provided wallet address 

You will need to deposit into the provided wallet address (this add is only for your wallet and each coin has its own one). You can move coins directly by copy and paste the add or scan the QR.
Create new address: if you click here, the add will be changed (you can actually use both add as all are your wallet address).
NOTE: You need to deposit more then the fee below to get credited from the system.

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