Currently, we are running 3 different referral programs (the referral program will be chosen based on the market):

  1. one time at two btc (mostly you are in this program)
  2. forty cent per trade
  3. twenty percent per trade

1. If your downline trade enough transactions 2 BTC*, you will receive 0.01 btc directly into your account at Remitano, each introduced full transaction amount, you only receive commissions once only per person.

*: Duplicate IP will not be counted and counted volume will be divided if you traded with other downline person in same or other branch too.

2. After every successful trade from your downline, you will be credited 40 cent USD in BTC.

3. After every successful trade from your downline, you will be earned 20% of our profit in BTC.

To get your referral link:

Login -> Return homepage to get your referral link.

Note: Our system only counts the last referral link. It means that if your friend clicks on two different referral links: yours and the others, then the referral link before the user's registration action will be counted (Last-Click Affiliate Links strategy).

Note: if both parties (buyer and seller in the trade) are referred, the counted trade volume will be divided a half for each buyer and seller.

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