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I've paid the seller but I haven't received my Bitcoin/Ethereum/... yet. What should I do?
I've paid the seller but I haven't received my Bitcoin/Ethereum/... yet. What should I do?

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The seller is the one who takes responsibility for confirming the payment transfer from the buyer in exchange for the cryptocurrency (coins) and telling Remitano how to release the coins that the order specifies. After receiving the full payment from the buyer, the seller must click the "I have received payment" button to release coins.

Do not worry if you already paid and uploaded proof on the chat but the seller still has not released coins to you. At Remitano, we prioritize your security and convenience. That's why we'll be holding the seller's cryptocurrency until the transaction is complete, ensuring that your coins are safe and sound. Your satisfaction and trust are our top priorities, and you can rely on us to avoid any issues and make the process seamless for you.

If there are any issues with a trade ( such as delays due to bank transfer), the seller won't release coins ( BTC / ETH/…) to you. You can click on the “Dispute" button so that Remitano support can join the conversation between you and the seller to help resolve this pending issue. Please choose the reason why you want to dispute and click on “I dispute not to negotiate the price with the seller" as a confirmation to dispute it successfully.

After that, you can click on the “Summon" button to get the attention of the seller. Please note that you will have 2 options:

  • Summon the seller via the Remitano app (10 times )

  • Summon the seller via phone call ( 1 time)

When a trade you're involved in becomes disputed, you'll receive a notification on your app. Typically initiating the dispute is all that it takes to catch the attention of your trading partner.

For further information, please visit the following link:

Important Notes

Once the funds have been released from escrow, the dispute process cannot be restarted. This is because once the funds have been transferred to the other party, they are no longer under our control and we are unable to intervene in any further disputes.

Thank you! 

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