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How to create ads with giftcards as payment method
How to create ads with giftcards as payment method

Create ads for giftcards, giftcards

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Create ads with Gift card as the payment method

Step 1: Click the gift card page then click "Choose another coin" and Select the type of coin to buy-sell in the list below.

Remitano currently allows you to trade with 7 popular coins.

Step 2: Click "Create Your Buying Ad"

Step 3: Choose "fixed price" and set the exchange rate based on the price range you set.

Suppose you want to sell a $100 Amazon card and buy 80USDT. The exchange rate is 100:80=1.25.

Step 4: Enter the corresponding amount of coins you want to trade

Enter the minimum and maximum amount of coins in a transaction.

Step 5: Select the corresponding Gift card method and payment window. This is the time period for the transaction.

Step 6: Enter the Terms of Trade and how you want to trade

For Terms of Trade, you can specify how you trade, for example:

  • What country is the card available for?

  • What are the accepted card limits?

  • Do you have a receipt for the card purchase?

  • Do you have a physical card or an e-code?

  • How long have you been in the gift card business and how reputable are you?

Step 7: Review the ad and make adjustments if necessary

Ad will be displayed on the viewer's side as follows:

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