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How to buy bitcoin with PayPal on Remitano
How to buy bitcoin with PayPal on Remitano

Buy bitcoin with Paypal, Paypal

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  • Step 1: Sign up/ Log in to your Remitano account

  • Step 2: Choose Buy Crypto with USD in Global Market or the market which is available for this feature (VN, NG, ZA)

  • Step 3: Choose the coins that you would like to Buy/ Sell

  • Step 4: Choose the payment options as clicking to the filter button and choose USD > Paypal

  • Step 5: Enter the amount of coins that you would like to Buy/Sell and choose the suitable current buying/ selling ads available on Remitano

  • Step 6: Make payment to your order (when you buy) OR Wait for payment (when you sell). The payment window will be displayed for up to 15 minutes, if you don't make payment in that time, your order will be canceled automatically.

Completed! Now, you can check your wallet for an increase in your balance. The process of buying/ selling Bitcoin with Paypal Nigeria takes around 1 minute or nearly immediately.

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