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Guideline to be our Fiat Partner
4 Steps to be a Perfect Fiat Partner by yourself
4 Steps to be a Perfect Fiat Partner by yourself
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Step 1: Deposit your Fiat Capital into your wallet

(If your account has sufficient fund, deposit is not necessary)

Option 1:

You can go to your wallet, deposit ZARR, and then proceed to buy ZARR.

Option 2:

If you have USDT or other coins in your wallet, you can use the swap feature to swap them into the needed fiat currency ( ZARR/NGNR)

Step 2: Create Fiat Selling and Buying Ad

Mobile app/website version:

Mobile app/website version:

1) Go to "Menu Bar" -> Fiat Agency

(NGNR Agency/ZARR Agency)

2) Go to “My Agency” and click on “Creating Selling Ad” or “Creating Buying Ad”

2a. Create Buying Ad

  • Fill in the information of the ZARR amount you want to buy and your bank account to transfer the money.

2b. Create Selling Ad

  • You need to deposit ZARR to create a ZARR selling ad. If you have completed step 1 above, you can skip this step.

  • Fill in the information of the ZAR amount you want to sell and your bank account for the buyer to transfer the money to you.

Step 3: Set 3 Selling Ad and 3 Buying Ad active up to 16 hours/day and follow on the notifications.

Transactions will be automatically assigned into Fiat Partner who have sufficient amount for those transactions. Fiat Partner need to follow the notification to finish the transactions.

Step 4: Complete Trades

When trades assigned to a Fiat Partner, Remitano would notify via Notification.

If partner had more than 1 trade at the same moment, please go to "Wallet" -> "P2P Trade History" to see all pending trades

On SELL Trades: Partner need to check bank balance and confirm after users done transfering money into Fiat Partner's bank account. After that, trade would be released.

On BUY Trades: Partner need to transfer money to user's bank account as informed by Remitano. For exact transfer, kindly use the QR Code generated by Remitano to make the payment.

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