Feature Film Hunting Dogs
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Project Information

Contract period: 60 months (5 years)

Revenue source: Domestic and international distribution (not including Original Soundtracks, Sponsors, and derivatives).

Total amount of NFT

First sale: 9.500

Second sale: 1.496

Launch time

First sale: 06.25.2022

Second sale: 07.27.2022

Price per NFT

First sale: 9 BUSD

Second sale: 11 BUSD

Revenue sharing

"Hunting Dogs" feature film project designed a "5investors first" revenue sharing scheme as follows:

  • All initial revenue will only be distributed to 5vestors until breakeven.

  • After reaching break-even point, 50% revenue from the movie will be shared among 5vestors as profits.

  • Term length: 5 years.

Revenue sharing with 5vestors including:

  • International distribution revenue.

  • Domestic distribution revenue.

  • Revenue from Original Soundtracks, sponsors and derivatives are not included in the revenue sharing scheme.


"Hunting Dogs" is a Vietnamese martial arts film project that aims to overwhelm international movie markets like North America, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand... For this ambition, former CEO of Studio68 (Furie) - director Pham Thanh Hai welcomes on board the lifelong martial arts actor and action director, Ron Smoorenburg.

The plot: Inspired by a true story, "Hunting Dogs" tells the story about Cuu, an up-and-coming fighter, but outrage got his career cut short, now he has to bet his life in the bloody underworld dogfights to resurrect his career.

Blockchain Information

Created date: 06.25.2022


Network: Binance Smart Chain

Token standard: ERC-1155

You can buy NFT of the Feature Film Hunting Dogs project here: https://remitano.com/nft/nft5-projects/2

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