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Youtube channel Nguyen Van Chung Music
Youtube channel Nguyen Van Chung Music
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Project Information

Channel valuation: 217,400 USD

Share value (50%): 2,500,000,000 VND (~ $175,000)

Number of NFT: 25,000

Price per NFT: 4.5 USD

Income share per NFT: 0.002%

Dividend frequency: Monthly

Contract duration: 60 tháng (5 năm)

Average monthly income: 3,700 USD

Special terms

In the event that the channel is lost, cannot continue to make content, or cannot maintain a stable income, musician Nguyen Van Chung will compensate the corresponding investment plus 1 billion VND.

Share and Enjoy to Earn

If each NFT hodler shares the Youtube channel or video with his network, the views and profits of the channel will increase, which means that the income of NFT hodler will also increase.

Assuming there are 25,000 NFT hodlers, each hodler watches the Youtube channel 5 times a day. The total income of the channel will increase 5 times, and the value of the NFT will also be multiplied by 5.


NGUYEN VAN CHUNG MUSIC is the official Youtube channel of Vietnamese musician Nguyen Van Chung. This is a place for positng Nguyen Van Chung 's immortial compositions about love; as well as for updating his latest songs. Music of Nguyen Van Chung impressed his audiences by sweet, gentle and quiet sound.

NGUYEN VAN CHUNG MUSIC is a project with the strengthened direction in development and the stable monthly income from Youtube. Besides, Nguyen Van Chung is a potential musician with highly expectation to further develop in his career.

Blockchain Information

Created date: 19/04/2022 08:00 AM


Network: Binance Smart Chain

Token standard: ERC-1155

You can buy the NFT of the youtube channel Nguyen Van Chung project here:

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