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What is NFT5?
What is NFT5?
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NFT5 strives to be the number 1 platform leveraging Blockchain technology to make project crowdfunding and investing simple, safe and convenient for everyone.

"We believe that everyone deserves equality of opportunity.

We believe that everyone deserves equality of opportunity.

At NFT5, we leverage Blockchain technology to simplify complicated concepts, creating a launchpad for creative passion and safe, simple investment projects with real value and real people.

Backed by Remitano - One of the most prominent and earliest cryptocurrency exchanges in Vietnam, NFT5 was built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to connect creative projects, communities, and investors in a simple, safe and convenientway.

Are you a Creator struggling with a shortage of funds to develop your projects? Or do you want to amplify your project's influence and reach more audiences?

Then, NFT5 is your go-to destination.

At NFT, the Creators can approach the funds and a dynamic community of individual investors with a 5-step process: Registration - Appraisal - Contract Signing - Crowdfunding on the NFT5 ecosystem, and Disbursement.

We can always support Content Creators with helpful information at: [email protected].

For Investors, you can discover safe and simple investment opportunities with real projects and real value on NFT5. As opposed to the volatile market out there, you may find NFT5 a safe house with passive income from the projects you invest in, FIVE tokens rewards monthly from NFT5, be able to buy and sell NFTs at good prices, and expect many prospects in the NFT5 ecosystem.

Our founding team members are well-established professionals in fintech, media, and entertainment. Backed by Remitano, NFT5 is the pioneer in transforming how real projects are invested, owned, and commercialized more simply by leveraging Blockchain technology.


Transforming how real projects are invested, owned, and commercialized

Transforming how real projects are invested

A creative project will be invested in a completely new way

Traditionally, a project must go to the trouble to raise capital, with complicated processes and challenging conditions. On NFT5, we will connect each project to a community of individual investors, with the criterion that anyone can become an investor in the project. Together the Creator and the Investors will share the word and share the profits with added emotional value.

We believe that a tight-knit, sustainable and long-term cooperation will open up new opportunities for everyone.

Transforming how real projects are owned

Previous technical limitations made it exhausting for project authors and owners to split and digitize ownership. But Blockchain technology has opened up a decentralized world, allowing the ownership of projects can be shared, helping to reduce risks, increase connectivity and create a bustling community that supports the project itself.

The ripple effect of NFT5 work obliterates all barriers of geography, culture, expertise, and finances to open up the opportunity to own projects for everyone, regardless of your origin, societal status, and wealth.

Transforming how real projects are commercialized

NFT5 has changed the commercialization of products and projects through the issuance, sale, and ownership of NFT. The Creators and Investors can conduct transactions, ownership splitting, and revenue sharing in a safe, simple, quick, and transparent way, with rights assured for all partners.

In addition, when owning NFTs from crowdfunding projects on NFT5, investors can resell them on the secondary market and, most importantly, possess a ticket to enter the NFT5 ecosystem with many other investment opportunities.

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