New sign-up miners to join the mining room do not need to verify KYC Level 2 and phone numbers right after entering so the mining room can start.

After the mining room is fulfilled, the room's rewards are locked and only unlocked once the new sign-up members complete KYC Level 2 verification.

New sign-up members joining the room without KYC Level 2 in the previous room mining session can only create or join a new room once completed KYC Level 2.

Summary of the group mining rules:

- General rewards are shared equally among room members.

- Invite 1 new sign-up miner; you get 1 RENEC in addition to the total room reward.

- Invite 1 current Remitano user who hasn't joined group mining; you get 0.2 RENEC in addition to the total room reward.

P/S: The RENEC airdrop program has ended on 30 Sep 2022.

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