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What are the upcoming applications on RENEC?
What are the upcoming applications on RENEC?

What is RENEC utility cases?

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Basically, an indispensable benefit of RENEC is that RENEC holders will receive an attractive fee discount when trading on The fee discount will be explicitly notified on Remitano's forum.

Secondly, a decentralized exchange (DEX) will appear on the Remitano Network this year according to the development roadmap mentioned in the RENEC whitepaper.

When the decentralized exchange was born, you could swap between different tokens on the Remitano Network. DEX is the basic infrastructure of any blockchain network.

We also realize that the existence of NFT on RENEC's blockchain network is essential for developing the Remitano Network ecosystem.

At the end of 2021, Remitano also cooperated strategically with BombCrypto, an NFT game in the Play to Earn genre.

And then, in early 2022, Remitano entered a strategic alliance with, a crowdfunding platform for creative projects with an "enjoy-to-earn" model where investors and content creators will benefit from a revenue-sharing mechanism.

These two crucial strategic partnerships will be the initial NFT development "springboard" of the entire Remitano Network ecosystem.

In addition, is another GameFi community development partner of Remitano Network (RENEC). We believe that Play to Earn will be the future trend, and it is the most accessible way for the community to adopt blockchain and crypto.

The story of building applications on the Remitano Network (RENEC) is still long, and we will have many more stories to share with you. Until then, quickly own RENEC tokens and enjoy mining.

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