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Does RENEC steal your personal information?
Does RENEC steal your personal information?

Why do I have to verify my identity (KYC) to truly own RENEC?

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Many users ask this question when receiving invitations to join RENEC mining. Nowadays, it is extremely common for online services to own user information such as email, phone number, and even user behavior data like how Facebook and Google collect to serve advertisements.

If you don't want to share information, it's best not to go online.

It is only critical when online service providers sell users' data and directly invade your privacy and financial assets.

At RENEC, we encourage you to verify your identity (KYC) with your phone number and documents such as ID, Driver's License... to ensure that the participants who own RENEC are real people, not virtual accounts created by anyone. It's fair enough, isn't it?

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