Is RENEC a scam?

Is RENEC a scam?

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When someone intends to "scam" you, they will lure and sell you something worthless. Usually, you will have to pay an upfront amount to own the property. Then, after a while, that asset returns to zero, and you lose the entire amount invested.

This does not happen with RENEC for a straightforward reason; RENEC is airdropped to you for free without spending a dime.

Remitano Network's blockchain bears the value of technology and the development team's effort. The holders of RENEC put their trust in the token. These two factors create a harmonious combination and make the total value of RENEC.

The development team does not take any fiat money from any hodlers. But if, in other words, "time is the most valuable currency," then perhaps the time you spend learning, supporting, and mining RENEC is how you "contribute capital" to Remitano Network.

We also agree that "time is the most valuable currency." So investing time in creating more value is the best way for our lives. Is RENEC worth your time investment?

P/S: The RENEC airdrop program has ended on 30 Sep 2022.

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