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When is RENEC listed on exchanges?
When is RENEC listed on exchanges?

When is RENEC listed on exchanges?

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Listing a token on an exchange is to create liquidity for it, not as a way to assert that the token has value.

If a token has the support of a large community (supply/demand generation), then it has value, and buyers and sellers will determine its price. At that time, the listing on the exchange is only sooner or later, and the project censorship to list the token will also take place quickly.

Even if a token is listed on the exchanges, no one will buy or sell it without the support of a large community.

The fact that a token is listed on the exchange is not a big deal. When asking this question, you probably think about when you can sell RENEC. And if a development team also aims to sell off the tokens they create, isn't this a traditional "Pump & Dump" model in crypto? We did not develop RENEC for that purpose.

When RENEC is listed on major exchanges, you will be automatically notified without the development team updating the news. Instead, we will update you with this blockchain platform's latest applications and activities.

Please also don't forget that is also an exchange.

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