Merchant Rewards Scheme FAQs
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  1. How much do I receive for each new user?

Each tier will have a different reward amount for a new user. The more users you acquire, the more rewards you receive. The reward is calculated as the table below.


Rewards per signup

Total reward each tier

Total reward (cumulative)

1st to 10th signup




11th to 50th signup




51st to 150th signup




151st to 300th signup




301st to 500th signup




2. How much is the minimum amount for a successful checkout to receive rewards?

Each new user must make 1 successful checkout of equal or higher than 3 USD

3. How much is the maximum amount I can receive within a month for rewards?

No more rewards after the 500th sign up. So, you will receive $1,745 as maximum rewards within a month. Next month, new sign ups will be counted again.

4. How can I join the Rewards Scheme?

You can join the Rewards Scheme if you are our merchant and are contacted by Remitano team. You can register to become a Remitano merchant here

5. When can I receive the rewards?

The reward is calculated every month and paid on the 5th of next month, 9am-6pm (GMT+7)

6. What is the benefit for my customer to use Remitano Pay?

Each user will receive 2 USD for the first checkout

7. How do my customers make the payment?

Your customers have three options to make the payment

- Use Remitano coin wallet

- Buy cryptocurrency

- Deposit coin into the wallet

You can find the details of payment flow here

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