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How to transfer and receive tokens in RENEC Wallet?
How to transfer and receive tokens in RENEC Wallet?

Easy steps to start transfer and receive token in RENEC Wallet

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First, to transfer (Send) and receive (Receive) RENEC, you must know your wallet address. It's a single alphanumeric string like this.

When you want to send RENEC, you will click on the "Send" button, then enter the recipient's wallet address in the field of "Recipient Address" and the amount of RENEC you want to transfer in the field "Amount". Finally, click the "Send" button to complete the RENEC sending operation.

> The RENEC transfer fee on the network is 0.00005 RENEC

When you want to receive tokens, you will click on the "Receive" button and copy your wallet address to the sender or share the QR code with them.

In the future, you will be able to do even more things on RENEC wallet such as staking, participating in Defi applications, trading crypto via decentralized exchanges (DEX), etc. Let's start mastering the basic operations on RENEC wallet.

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