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How to create RENEC Wallet?

How to create a new wallet if you haven't created a RENEC wallet yet

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Step 1: Visit the RENEC wallet page at:

Step 2: Click "Create wallet"

Step 3: Tick the box "I have saved these words in a safe place." then click "Download Backup Mnemonic File (Required)" and save this file in a safe place that only you know. Finally, click "Continue" button.

Note: If you do not tick and download the backup Mnemonic File, the Continue button will not be clickable. Please do all the steps.

You can also manually copy the Seed Words/Phrase to a text file and store it in a safe place on your computer or write it down on paper. Mnemonic is a file that contains the seed phrase; called RENEC.bak on your computer, and you can open it with your computer's default Text editor.

Please note that when opening this file, your computer will often ask you to choose a software to open; let's select Notepad software on Windows or Text Editor on MacOS.

Step 4: Copy and paste the seed words saved in step 3 and click "Verify"

Step 5: Choose a password for the wallet. This is an optional step to increase the security of the wallet; you can skip it if you don't want to create a password. Finally, click on "Create Wallet" button. Voila!

Then you will see the main account interface with your wallet address as below:

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