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Liquidity - An effective tool to increase your passive income
Liquidity - An effective tool to increase your passive income

Remitano gives Crypto investors, especially HOLDERs, a powerful tool to help earn a more stable and long-term income.

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Remitano Liquidity is created with the goal of providing the best prices for trading pairs on the exchange, reducing slippage when users buy/sell coins in large quantities; and making it possible for you to earn more passive incomeby providing liquidity to the pool from your "idle" coin-coin or coin-fiat pair (VND/NGN/MYR/INR/…).

How to add liquidity to the Pool?

  • Step 1: Go to the page Liquidity, here you will see all existing Pools on Remitano exchange -> “Add” at the COIN-COIN, or COIN - FIAT pair that you want to stake.

  • Step 2: You will be directed to "Liquidity," where you can add liquidity.

Note: In addition to entering the total number of coins/fiat you want to add to the pool, you also have to "Set Liquidity Price" for your pool.

  • Step 3: Click “Add New” -> “Confirm” to complete adding liquidity

After you've finished adding liquidity, you can check your profit by going to "My Positions" -> Select Coin-coin or coin-fiat Pair you added to pool -> "View Details."

You can also stop holding coins in the pool by clicking the "Remove Liquidity" button in this section.

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