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I can not mine RENEC on iOS devices
I can not mine RENEC on iOS devices

Can not find RENEC Mining menu on iOS devices

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You cannot currently mine RENEC through the Remitano app on Apple iOS mobile devices. However, if you use Apple mobile devices or desktop computers, it can still be exploited through regular web browsers such as Safari/Chrome/Firefox, etc.

Step 1: Don't go to the Remitano app, but open Safari Browser or Chrome/Firefox/Coccoc browser on your iPhone and go to > Login > Go to "Earn RENEC" menu.

Or you can click this link and login to mine RENEC" button as usual.

Step 2: Enter the OTP code sent to you by Remitano app in the Notifications section of your phone. OTP code is a 4-digit code as shown below

Note: Allow the application to send notifications (notification) to receive OTP codes on the phone's settings. If you don't know how to turn on push notification on Remitano app, please follow these steps:

Go to "Setting" > Choose "Notification"

Scroll down and choose Remitano app

Switch on "Allow Notification"

If you have installed the app but still do not receive the OTP code on the application and even can not allow push notifications from Remitano app in the setting of your mobile devices, please remove the app, reinstall it and log in. You will see a message asking you to send the notification; click allow. Then you reload the RENEC mining page on your browser, click mine. You will receive an OTP in return. Next time, you do not need to do the above operations again and still receive the OTP code.

Although the mining takes place in a web browser, downloading the Remitano app is still required. Therefore, before mining RENEC on a web browser, you must install Remitano application from Appstore and log in to your account.

P/S: The RENEC airdrop program has ended on 30 Sep 2022.

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