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What is peer certification? How to get it on Remitano?
What is peer certification? How to get it on Remitano?

A detailed guide to peer certification on Remitano.

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It is one of the questions that many investors ask when using Remitano services. What is peer certification? How to get peer certification? To answer these questions, Remitano would like to introduce the article on peer certification and related issues.

What is peer certification?

Firstly, peer certification is proof of credibility to authenticate an investor account. Accounts with peer certification are ranked at the top level on Remitano and get preferential deposit/withdrawal quotas.

In addition to the privilege of deposit/withdrawal quotas, accounts with peer certification can certify other accounts. This operation, however, is only valid when the one who certifies is directly or indirectly certified by the admin.

For instance, account A is certified by admin, and account A certifies for account B, account B certifies for account C. Therefore, account A is certified by admin, and accounts B and C are certified by account level 4. All of them get peer certification.

Why are peer certification and tier systems important?

According to the information of the 5-level system above, it can be seen that the higher level you get, the more information the account is provided. Remitano classifies the system for protecting the security of customers when making transactions. It is easier for new investors to identify highly credible accounts.

2 ways to get peer certification on Remitano

After discovering peer certification and how it works, we will take a deep dive into 2 ways to get peer certification, including:

  • peer certification by other users

  • peer Certification by Remitano

#1. Peer certification by other users

To get a peer certificate from another user:

  • If you know or have contact with a level 4 user, you can communicate with him/her and ask to certify you as a peer.

  • Or during the transaction, you can leave feedback for a level 4 user like "If you think I'm credible please help me certify as a peer,..."

To certify as a peer for another user, you do the following: Go to the Profile of the one who needs to be certified > click Certify this account as shown in the image.

However, investors who already have peer certification should be aware. Rating credibility is guaranteed by the credibility of your account. Therefore, if there is a problem with well-reviewed accounts, Remitano will block your certified account.

#2.Peer Certification by Remitano

Except for asking other users, the one who wants to certify can request directly with the Remitano administrator. First of all, the accounts of such investors need to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. The member has been trading continuously for at least 6 months.

  2. The member not only buys but also sells, the number of selling transactions is at least 30.

  3. The member has purchased at least 200 transactions. The ratio of total purchases is 80%.

  4. The member has connected a Facebook account, linked the owner's bank, and phone number.

  5. Make a verification video call with Remitano.

  6. Provide an electricity/water bill with your name (or provide your relative's electricity/water bill, and prove your relationship with that relative through a household registration book,...)

  7. The minimum trading volume you must meet one of the requirements below (You only need to reach the required volume of a coin. For instance, if you complete with 10 BTC, others won't be needed):

  • BTC: over 10 BTC

  • ETH: over 100 ETH

  • BCH: over 100 BCH

  • USDT: over 25,000 USDT


For large investors, peer certification is proof of credibility that enables them to trade with huge value. For those newbies getting into the market, Remitano peer certification is a piece of information that helps them rate the credibility of other member accounts.

Through this article, Remitano has brought readers useful knowledge of peer certification. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment below.

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