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How to create the sell advertisement?
How to create the sell advertisement?
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The purpose of creating the selling ad:

  • Adjust the sell price according to your desired price.

  • Adjust the minimum and maximum sell quantity to your desired quantity.

How to create selling ads?

Step 1: Press Buy Sell Crypto

On the web version:

On the app: From the homepage, please choose P2P -> icon

Scroll down and choose “Create Advertisement” or ”+ New ad” or “Ads"

Step 2: Select the coin you want to trade

Step 3: Adjust the figures in the ad

You can create selling ads according to Fixed price or Dynamic price.

Fixed price: Coin price is fixed according to your choice and does not fluctuate according to the market price. You can just type the price you want to sell the coin at.

Dynamic price: The price that you receive = bitUSD * Reference price. So the price that you receive will fluctuate according to the reference price.

You need to adjust bitUSD ([your national currency]/USD) and choose the Reference exchange, then type the Minimum BTC price that you want to sell at.

Type the Amount of coin you want to sell and choose the desired Payment method.

Preview your ad, and then choose Create New Advertisement to complete the process.

You should disable ads before depositing COIN. When you no longer want to buy, you should disable or delete ads / adjust your prices carefully before enabling ads. You will be solely responsible for your ads.

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