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How to set up Face Verification to Level 2 on Remitano
How to set up Face Verification to Level 2 on Remitano
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Users are divided into many different levels on Remitano. Each level will have its transaction limit to secure customer transactions.

At level 2, which is the most common level, you will need to verify documents/identification papers that have been issued by the Vietnamese government. In order to verify you are the owner of those ID papers, we need to authenticate and compare your face with the ID papers you uploaded.

The process of verifying and comparing the face is called Face Verification.

This article will show how to set up Face Verification properly. It is easy to help you to successfully reach level 2 and increase your transaction limit on Remitano.

Steps to setup Face Verification on Remitano

Step 1: After uploading your ID papers, you need to sit in front of the camera and follow the instructions to make the system confirm that you are a real person.

Step 2: When you click the Start Verification, you need to allow the system to access your camera.

Step 3: After the camera is turned on, the system will automatically choose the best angle for you to easily set up.

You will see the instruction screen below (*)

Step 4: Click the Start verification again, the system will turn on the camera. Then, do the following specific actions:

  1. First, adjust the distance between you and the camera so that your face is shown appropriately proportions of the red square. Specifically, your face must cover at least 50% of the square.

  2. Next, when asked, slowly raise your face and hold for a few seconds. The system will notify you if your face has been successfully verified.

Tips for successful Face Verification

  • Do Face Verification in a well-lighted location. Otherwise, the system will not be able to recognize your face.

  • However, you shouldn't sit in a backlit corner or somewhere with harsh light.

  • During the Face Verification process, you will have 20 seconds to complete. You don’t, therefore, need to rush. Because if you move too fast, the camera won't be able to catch your face.

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