How I can use "Payments and Invoices" features
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"Invoices" is a simple tools that allows you to easily request crypto payments from customers or your friends. You have the ability to manage your crypto payments, track your invoice status, and review your transaction history.

Additionally, "Payments" is where to storage all transactions that you paid for others' invoicing request or payment transaction via Remitano Payment Gateway on Merchant website/payment link .

How does it work?

After you create an invoice, you will get the unique payment link for this invoice. Once the link is sent, your customers and friends will be able to review the invoice details and complete crypto payment using their Remitano account. You’ll both receive a notification when a payment is completed. Your received transaction history will be stored here, you can download all transactions in a CSV file. Once complete, you can view a detailed report of all of your transaction history.

How to create and send an invoice?

1. From Dashboard, go to “Payments and Invoices” page

2. Choose Invoices

3. Click “Create new”

4. Enter the payment amount, email or username (optional) and description.

5. Select “Create” to complete.

6. Copy the generated invoice link to send directly to your customer

Where can I view all of my invoices?

You can view all of your invoices and their status on the Invoices page.

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