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How to buy coins (BTC/ETH/USDT/BCH/LTC/XRP/BNB) via bank transfer on Remitano?
How to buy coins (BTC/ETH/USDT/BCH/LTC/XRP/BNB) via bank transfer on Remitano?

Check out how to buy Bitcoin very fast on Remitano.

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Please follow these steps to buy coins (BTC/ETH/USDT/BCH/LTC/XRP/BNB) via bank transfer on Remitano

On the Web Browser version

Step 1. Log in your Remitano account then click on Buy Sell crypto NGNR

Or kindly choose to do step-by-step as below

Step 2. Choose to BUY

Step 3. Select the coin you want to Buy

On the App Version

Step 1: From Homepage -> Please choose this icon as below and choose “Buy"

Or at the Home page, please kindly click on More -> Then choose P2P

Step 2. Choose to BUY

Step 3. Select the coin you want to Buy and select Payment method by choosing Bank transfer

* Then we can follow the same process as below for both App version and Web browser

Step 4. Click on “All payment methods” and choose “Bank transfer” -> List of supported banks will be shown

NOTE: We just updated the NEW function that allows user can click on Filter button to choose to trade with

  • Markers you have traded with

  • Makers who have KYC at least level 3

Step 5. Select fiat currency and Enter NGN amount you want to spend

You can also Switch to Coin amount and enter coin amount you want to buy

Step 6. Choose an advertisement from the list and click “BUY" button

Step 7. Check the rate of offer, NGN amount you need to pay and the amount of coin you will receive carefully. After reviewing all the information, if you agree with it, choose “BUY" button

Step 8. Then the payment details from the seller will be shown.

Copy payment details of the seller from the trade page. Access your internet banking and pay the seller through INSTANT TRANSFER. You must make payment within the specified period.

After paying, please press the button [Transferred] after successful payment, UPLOAD PAYMENT PROOF within the time frame and wait for the seller to confirm. You will lose money if you don't press it.

Step 9. Please choose “Click to upload", then click on Submit button

Attention! Please upload proof of payment so the transaction can be automatically completed in case the seller does not confirm. Otherwise, after 15 minutes the transaction will be automatically canceled.

Thank you!

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