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How to buy bitcoin with credit/debit card
How to buy bitcoin with credit/debit card

buy bitcoin with credit card, buy bitcoin with debit card

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Buying bitcoin with your credit/debit card is an easy process in Remitano, thanks to the Simplex feature. Simplex is a feature that enables users to buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with a credit card or debit card.

Kindly note that the Simplex service is not available in countries on the FATF list.

This service is also not available to customers in VN, NG, and MY markets, as we already have enough liquidity based on the local bank transfer method.

Steps to Buy Bitcoin with Credit/Debit Card

Step 1: In the P2P interface, find the Simplex payment method as “Simplex seller" in the area of Buying Ad, and click “Buy".

Step 2: Enter the amount of coin, check the total amount that you have to pay, and click “Buy now”.

Step 3: Check the transaction information again, and click “Buy now" to redirect to Simplex website.

Step 4: Fill in the Payment form (including Payment details and Personal information), and click “Pay now".

Step 5: Verify your email and phone number

Step 6: Upload identify document and fill in the required information

Step 7: Complete your payment request

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