Step 1: Locate the INR wallet and click on DEPOSIT .

Step 2: Choose a BANK to deposit to. Write the desired deposit amount and click on DEPOSIT.

Step 3: View your deposit slip.

Note: Users with a sufficient account balance will not have to click on the deposit button. The deposit button only appears when a buyer has insufficient funds to accept a BUY ad.


Step 1: Locate the INR wallet and click on WITHDRAW.

Step 2: Create a new account by clicking on CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.

Step 3: Write the desired amount in the AMOUNT checkbox.

Step 4: Check to confirm the withdrawal information.

Notice to Our Indian Users!

  • Remitano is alpha testing INR wallet. During this time, level 5 and 4 users can deposit and withdraw a small amount of less than 7000 INR from the system. Please, note that since we are in the alpha testing stage, the processing of deposits and withdrawals is liable to be delayed.

  • To ensure your account is prepared for this upgrade, please complete your account verification on the Remitano website.

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