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How to buy with Fiat Wallet?
How to buy with Fiat Wallet?

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Remitano has introduced Fiat Wallet. When buyer has Fiat balance in their wallet, trade will be completed instantly.

Check out this video for the convenience of using Remitano Fiat Wallet:

How to buy with Fiat Wallet

  • On the website version

Step 1: Go to Buy Sell Crypto NGNR

Step 2: Choose to BUY

Step 3: Select the coin you want to buy and choose “All payment methods”

  • On the app version

Step 1: From Homepage, choose P2P

Step 2: Choose to BUY

Step 3: Select the coin you want to Buy and click All payment methods

We can follow the same process from step 4 for both Website version and App version

Step 4: Choose “Remitano wallet” in All payment methods

Note: We just updated a NEW function that allows user to click on Filter button to choose makers to trade with

  • Markers you have traded with

  • Makers who have KYC at least level 3

Step 5: Select fiat currency and Enter fiat amount you want to spend

You can also Switch to Coin amount and enter coin amount you want to buy

Step 6: Choose an advertisement from the list and click BUY coin

Step 7: Confirm to buy

Check the price, amount you pay then select the confirmation box for agreement to Remitano's P2P Terms of service and click “Transfer to buy

Step 8: Trade is completed

If you have enough money in fiat wallet, the trade will be automatically completed.

If you don’t have Fiat balance to buy, you will be prompted to make a deposit to your Fiat wallet.

Additional Tips

You can visit How to deposit and withdrawal with Fiat Wallet for deposit instructions. Thank you!

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