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Announcement: Remitano Customer Bill of Rights
Announcement: Remitano Customer Bill of Rights
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At Remitano, customers have 7 rights as below:

1. Right to safety:

  • Be protected with their own personal information, we strictly prohibit the act of finding unreasonable customer information, or unrelated to the tasks from our employees.

  • Be respected in communication, we prohibit the use of language that threatens our customers.

  • Be safe in trading, protecting user assets against fraud and scam activities.

2. Right to be informed:

  • Asking for a complete and clear explanation of all Remitano’s products and services.

  • Asking for details of all transactions.

  • The support staff always understands the products and problems of the customers. Their goal is to provide the most accurate and complete information to customers.

3. Right to choose:

  • Trading in comfort, without pressure.

4. Right to be heard:

  • Building and contributing ideas to improve the products and functions of the floor.

5. Right to satisfaction of basic needs:

  • Providing prompt service, because we respect our client’s time.

  • Getting a refund if the product or service is not as committed.

  • Always be treated politely and professionally.

6. Right to be compensated:

  • If disputes occur, it will be promptly dealt with and responded on a fair basis to all customers.

  • If the error affects the interests of the customer, there will be satisfactory compensation with the loss of the customer

7. The right to understand how to use the product:

  • Be provided with the necessary knowledge and skills to make a suitable investment decision

  • Be shared knowledge and feedback from the user community

The above rights are applied to all customers who have been using Remitano's services, including P2P products, Invest feature, Swap feature, Wholesale channels, etc. ..

All employees, regardless of rank, who are working for Remitano are obligated to meet these rights of the customers.

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