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How to register a Remitano account
How to register a Remitano account

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Remitano uses Password-less login technique, in which the user gets a secured login link via email instead of the traditional email/password login method. As such, users only need to secure their email accounts without having to remember or expose their passwords in another account.

Password-less method is more secure than traditional email/password method, because: If hackers get your email, they can still ask for a new password of the 3rd party's account -> It is safer if users don't expose their email/password on the 3rd party.

Instruction to register an account in Remitano

Step 1: Click REGISTER

  • On the website version

  • On the app version

Step 2: Kindly enter your email in the box as shown below and click Send register link

The configuration shall be as below:

Step 3: An email from Remitano shall be sent to your mail account. Open it and click Log me in Remitano

Step 4: Fill in your username and tick “I agreed with Remitano's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.” and click Continue. Referrer is optional, you can skip it.

Then, the registration process is completed and you are able to trade. However, you should update your account information to be more convenient during the transaction. (Username > Verify account and update your information).

Access remitano at our alternative domains like,, if you can't login our official domain Learn more HERE.

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