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How to login and register a Remitano account
How to login and register a Remitano account

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Remitano uses the Password-less login technique, in which the user gets a secured login link via email instead of the traditional email / password login method. As such, users only need to secure their email accounts without having to remember or expose their passwords in another account.

Password-less method is more secure than traditional email/password method, because: If hackers get your email, they can still ask for a new password of the 3rd party's account -> It is safer if users don't expose their email/password on the 3rd party.

Instruction to register and login account in Remitano

Step 1: Click LOG IN / REGISTER

Step 2: Fill your email in the box as shown below and click "Continue"

After clicking "Continue" the configuration shall be as below:

Step 3: An email from Remitano shall be sent to your mail account. Open it and click "Log me in Remitano" as in the pic below:

Step 4: Fill in your username and click "Continue"

�Then, the registration process is completed and you are able to trade. However, you should update your account information to be more convenient during the transaction. (Settings -> Profile and update your information)

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