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How to Swing? - Coin Investment
How to Swing? - Coin Investment
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How to use Swing function

Remitano believes financial freedom is the foundation of happiness and blockchain is the key to open that door. We work relentlessly to improve and bring blockchain technology closer to everyone. That is why Remi Invest was developed, expecting to diversify investment vehicles while upholding the high standards of convenience, fast and safety.

How to use Remitano Swing (Invest):

Step 2. Pick the coin you would like to invest.

For example: choose EOS to invest

Step 3. Enter amount and click Open Investment.

Profit in USDT will be credited to your balance when the investment is closed

  • The valuation of your investment will be live-updated.

  • Your investment is opened until you confirm to close it.

  • When closing the investment, the profit will be credited to your wallet.

  • You can choose Normal or Margin 2x with same steps.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. After buying Altcoin, can I withdraw?

No, you can’t. Your investment is an open position instead, you invested in some Altcoin with USDT and it’s open. When you close your investment, the system will sell that amount of Altcoin to USDT for you at the current new market price.

2. Which exchange does Remitano use for Altcoin price reference?

Remitano uses Binance price ladder. Accordingly, depending on the amount of your investment, the corresponding USDT price will be calculated based on the best price levels.

3. Does Remitano charge a fee on investment intervals?

Fee for investment is 1% / total of usdt you actually receive, and it is only charged when you have profits. The amount of usdt after fee is not going to be lower than the investing amount

4. Am I limited in my investment?

Limit the smallest amount of your investment is 5.0001$. This is also the advantage of Crypto investment compared to other forms where users can invest with the smallest amount of capital.

In the beta stage, we do have the maximum limit for the whole investment system. We can increase when we see the next positive signs. And please retry again later if you met that limitation.

5. Can I lose on my investment?

Yes you may lose, the current valuation is calculated and lived update on current market price (for monitor purpose only), once you close it, we will sell it for USDT and credit back to your USDT wallet equivalently.

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