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Refund 50% transaction fee for buyers (maker and taker) if sellers make a slow "release".
Refund 50% transaction fee for buyers (maker and taker) if sellers make a slow "release".

Which case is refunded transaction fee

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1 / How long does it take to call it is a "slow release" from sellers?
If sellers take more than 15 minutes to release a trade which buyers already completed their payment, the trade will be called a "slow" trade and buyers can have their "cash back".
The 15-minute-time will be counted from the time buyers click "PAID" ("pay seller" - step 3), until the time the coins are deposited in the buyers' wallet ("Receive BTC- step 4).  
note: buyers need to make payment before clicking PAID

Sample of a completed transaction.

In another way to understand, if the time from step 3 and step 4 is more than 15 minutes and it is because of the sellers making a "slow release", buyers will be refunded 50% of the transaction fee. 

2 / Cases that buyers will not have "cash back"

  • The buyer transferred the money through a different bank so, the seller's account was not credited promptly within 5 minutes after the transfer.

  • The buyer did not fill in the exact amount to pay, the transfer content was not exactly as instructed.

  • The buyer manually reopens the transaction which has been automatically canceled.

  • The buyer specifically asks the seller to delay the release of the transaction to avoid the fee.

Note: You can only request a refund within 72 hours from the time the transaction is completed.

Remitano reserves the right to make a final decision on the refund if fraudulent acts or deliberately delaying the transaction time are detected.

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