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What is coin withdrawal quota?

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We are implementing a quota of coin withdrawal as an attempt on AML (anti money laundering). An increment of withdrawal quota would be given to you daily based on your level:

Level 1: The maximum increment of withdrawal quota: 50$

Level 2: The maximum increment of withdrawal quota: 1,000$

Level 3: The maximum increment of withdrawal quota: 2,500$

Level 4: The maximum increment of withdrawal quota: 100,000$

Withdrawal quota = the maximum amount of coin you can withdraw
Coin balance = the total amount of your coin 

When withdrawal quota < coin balance, withdrawal quota shall increase, however:

  • The total increase in 1 day will not exceed "the maximum increment of withdrawal quota" listed above

  • The quota increase but shall not exceed the coin balance 

1 new day is counted at 12am at your timezone, it means that the increment shall be refreshed at this moment.
When users withdraw their coin (even to another Remi account), the coin balance and the withdrawal quota decreases the same amount.
Trade (to sell and buy coin), Swap, Invest shall not increase/decrease withdrawal quota.


This example may give you more details about “Coin withdrawal quota”:

1, You are a level 2 user and your coin balance is 2,500$, withdrawal quota = 1,000$ 

2, As withdrawal quota < coin balance, immediately, the withdrawal quota will increase an amount of 1,000$. It means that you the maximum of coin you can withdraw is 2,000$. 

3, At the next day (next 0h GMT), the quota will increase an amount of 500$ to be equal to the coin balance (2,500$) 

4, At that day, you buy/deposit 400$, immediately, coin balance and withdrawal quota both increase an amount of 400$ (equal to 2,900$). Notice that the total increase of that day is 900$ < your maximum increment of withdrawal quota: 1,000$

5, Then, you buy/deposit 600$, the coin balance increase to 3,500$. However, the withdrawal quota just increase an amount of 100$ (as it has increased 900$ before). Thereby, the withdrawal quota is just 3,000$

6, Next, you withdraw 500$, coin balance shall decrease to 3,000$ and withdrawal quota shall decrease to 2,500$. After that, you sell 500$, coin balance will decrease to 2,500$ but the withdrawal quota is still 2,500$

Please increase your level to be more convenient while trading and have a better experience with us.

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