Peer certification allow a user to certify another user, but the one who certify must has been certified before.
E.g: A got certified by Remitano admin, A certified B and B certified C. Then, both B and C get peer certification. 

Peer certification increases the �reputation of your account, thereby, your transaction �limit shall be higher. 

To get peer certification by another user

  • If you know or are familiar with a level 4 user, you could contact and ask this user to certify you.

- While trading, you could leave feedback to a level 4 user such as "If you see me as a trustworthy person, please help me get peer certification"


To peer certify another user, you must follow these steps: Click at the user's name to go to the profile -> click "Certify this account"

Notice: You should only certify trustworthy users or someone you know very well. Because if the one you have certified tries to scam, you may be related as well.

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